Hurricane Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

Truck drivers spend long hours on the road in a variety of different weather conditions—but if you have never driven in hurricane season, it can catch you off guard. Although most of these tips are commonsense ways to deal with inclement weather, it never hurts to review them and have a game plan. Here are our best storm safety tips for truck drivers in Orlando, FL:

  • Don’t neglect your pre-trip inspection: You’re supposed to do a pre-trip inspection before each run anyway, but hurricane season makes this even more important. Make sure to do the full inspection, and keep an eye on your tires—they should be in top shape to grip the road properly.
  • Keep an eye on the weather report: Weather conditions can change rapidly, especially when there’s a hurricane on the way. Make sure to check the Department of Transportation weather reports often. If your route is in a hurricane’s path, it may make more sense to postpone the delivery.
  • Expect delays and detours: Speaking of delays, you should expect them during hurricane season. Leave plenty of time for each route, and have some backup plans in mind so you can adjust your itinerary if necessary. Delays are especially common when certain areas need to evacuate.
  • Stay alert and aware: Even if a storm hasn’t quite risen to the level of a hurricane, you should stay alert and aware at all times. Keep distractions (like talking on the phone) to a minimum, and make sure to take regular breaks. Driving during a storm is more mentally and physically taxing than driving in dry conditions, so make sure you get plenty of rest each night.
  • Be prepared to pull over: When the weather gets windy, be prepared to pull over and wait it out. Hurricane-strength winds can knock over tractors and trailers. You should find a safe spot as soon as possible, and let your company know you’ve had to stop and wait out the winds.
  • Slow down on exits and when turning: Wind and rain—even if they’re not yet hurricane strength—can make your truck more likely to topple. Take care to slow down when you’re getting on or off the freeway, and when turning corners. There’s no sense in risking anyone’s life to shave a couple seconds off your driving time.
  • Keep an emergency kit in your cab: Finally, make sure your truck has a robust emergency kit available, and replenish the supplies as needed. You should include emergency flares, mobile batteries and charging cords, battery-operated lanterns, rain gear, several changes of clothing and plenty of non-perishable food and sealed bottles of water. You may also want to pack extra blankets. This will help you stay warm and safe while you wait out a storm.

Taking these truck driving hurricane safety tips in Orlando, FL into account will help you stay prepared no matter what Mother Nature sends your way.

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