Is it Worth Becoming an Owner Operator with Energy Trucking, and How Can I Do It?

The trucking industry is here to stay. It’s a vital part of our supply chain, and with the predominance of online shopping, trucking is more important than ever. Now is the perfect time to become an Energy Trucking owner operator.

If you’ve ever wanted to control your own income and schedule, acting as an owner operator might be right for you. Read on to find out about this exciting opportunity—then call the team at Energy Trucking to get started on your new venture.

Reasons to become an Energy Trucking owner operator

We’re often asked whether it’s worth becoming an owner operator—and how to do it. When you work with Energy Trucking, you’ll get all the benefits of owning your own business. You’ll also get knowledgeable support and backup from our team.

Some of the major benefits include:

  •  Get your preferred vehicles and equipment: Never get stuck driving an uncomfortable or otherwise less-than-desirable truck again. Our owner operators retain full control over the types of trucks they want to acquire. Use the equipment that you prefer.
  • Take charge of your own income: Our owner operators can earn up to $221,000 per year. You keep control over your income. We leave it up to you: you can set your income goals and scale the business to increase revenue accordingly.
  • Be your own boss: When you work as an owner operator, you set your schedule. When you reach your target profits, you’re free to go on vacation, spend more quality time with your family or simply rest up before the next big rush.

Of course, owner operators will face some challenges. Start-up expenses, financial
responsibilities and staying compliant with different local, state and federal regulations can be tough when you’re first starting out. However, there’s plenty of support and assistance available to make sure you can achieve your goals.

More reasons to work with Energy Trucking

Our goal is to provide favorable conditions for our owner operators, including:

No-pressure dispatch: Professional dispatchers working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

24/7 support: We offer full-time support for all departments.

Highest possible weekly income and return on your truck investment: Make up to
$18,000 per week solo, or $20,000 per week on a team.

Bonuses: We offer profitable fuel cards, monthly bonuses and gifts. Earn up to $600 for no violations, $500 if you’re the safest driver of the month, $200 for highest gross and highest monthly mileage and up to $1,000 for driver referrals.

Work with experienced pros: Our team has over a decade of combined experience and hiring owner operators.

Work with major brokers: Get loads from the biggest freight brokers in the business, such as FedEx, Amazon, UPS and Forward Air.

Original rate confirmation: Our drivers always get original rate confirmation.

Could this be the beginning of your own profitable trucking endeavor? There’s only one way to find out. Reach out to Energy Trucking today to learn more about this exciting opportunity.