Benefits of Husband and Wife Team Truck Driving

Benefits Of Husband And Wife Team Truck DrivingPeople get into the trucking industry for a range of reasons. Some want to get out and see the country. Others want to experience the freedom of the open road. That said, there are drawbacks to the profession. Drivers may go weeks without seeing their loved ones, and loneliness can take its toll.

That’s one of the reasons husband and wife trucking companies have an advantage. Read on to find out the benefits of couple truck driving and how these drivers are redefining what it means to be a power couple.

Better together

One of the biggest disadvantages of being a truck driver is the consistent time you spend away from your family—but a couple who drives together means loneliness is far less of a factor. They can pick scenic spots to check out and enjoy the journey more.

Husbands and wives often complement each other. When one spouse is weak, the other is strong. When one person stumbles, the other picks them up. This makes the stresses and burdens of the job more bearable. Couples are more likely to be active during their downtime and make time for seeing the country rather than just shuttling goods from place to place.

More miles means more money

A team of drivers makes twice as much in a single day as a solo driver would. While one drives, the other can rest, meaning these teams can generate twice as much money. This incentive makes driving together a good option for many couples. It’s a more efficient and enjoyable way of doing things with both drivers on the road.

Safety and stress

Having another person there is helpful for any truck driver. Another qualified driver can take over when exhaustion sets in. You can cover more ground while still driving safely.

The road can also be a stressful place for truck drivers. This profession is often plagued by issues ranging from depression and obesity to sleep apnea and diabetes; but the task is much more pleasant if you’re there with someone you love. You tend to eat better, make more time for rest and laugh more—leading to better mental and physical health outcomes.


Of course, trucking isn’t a profession every couple can handle. Some spouses might find that being in a truck cab every day together leads to more fighting. If you can’t make a trip to the store with your spouse without it ending in strife, then driving a truck together isn’t for you. It can also be difficult for couples who want to have children in the near future, as being on the road with kids isn’t an option.

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