Our Top Safety Tips for Women Truck Drivers

According to the United States Department of Labor, there were around 262,392 female truck drivers working in the United States in 2020. Women’s safety in trucking is a concern of many—as it should be.
While the open road always presents certain dangers, there are plenty of ways to protect yourself. Below, we share many great safety tips for women truck drivers.

Plan ahead

Proper preparation is the key to a safe and efficient delivery. Plan out your route in great detail, being sure to consider local weather and any road closures. Planning can help you avoid delays while ensuring that you’re prepared for rain, snow or any other type of inclement weather.

Park in a safe spot

Truck stops open 24/7 offer the perfect place to rest for many drivers—that said, it’s always important to choose the safest parking spot possible. Most recommend parking somewhere near a light source. You should avoid parking far away from the main area.
If you end up needing to use the rest stop, consider bringing along a whistle or pepper spray. It’s also best to always walk with confidence.

Locking the truck

Make sure the locking system in your truck works before hitting the road. Even if you’ve found a safe parking spot, lock your truck whenever you leave and after you return. Some also recommend wrapping the passenger seat belt around the door handle for an extra layer of protection.

Make lots of noise

If you wake up to someone trying to break into your truck, be sure to make lots of noise. Honk the horn, yell and do whatever else you have to do to scare this person away. These noises will also alert other truckers nearby, who will hopefully call for help.

Bring your pet

A dog will not only provide you company on the road, but they also offer great protection. You’ll likely feel much better walking to a rest stop at night with a dog at your side. Just be sure to check with your company and make sure they allow dogs in their trucks.

Bring the right supplies

Intruders aren’t the only thing to worry about while on the road. It’s also important to bring the right safety supplies, like cones and flares, just in case you have to pull off the side of the road. You’ll also want to bring the equipment needed to take care of small repair issues, including jumper cables.

Inclement weather can often present problems. Be prepared for all types of weather by bringing a raincoat, boots and a warm coat. Also, keep plenty of snacks and drinks on hand, just in case you don’t have anywhere nearby to stop for a bite to eat.

Don’t let possible safety issues steer you away from a truck driving career. Truck driving is an excellent career option, no matter what your gender. Just be sure to follow all the safety tips for women truck drivers while on the road. If you’re in need of truck repairs or are looking to start your career in trucking, contact Energy Trucking today.