Winter Truck Driving Tips

With the winter months often come slick roads, heavy snowstorms and plenty of other safety hazards.

Driving a large tractor trailer in these conditions is especially difficult. Truck drivers should be properly prepared for any and all situations before hitting the road, especially during the winter months.

Read on for plenty of winter truck driving tips:

  • Drive more slowly: Most lists of truck driving tips in winter suggest driving more slowly. This is excellent advice, as many accidents are caused by excessive speed. During the winter months, slick roads will make it much harder to brake. You can avoid causing a major accident by simply driving a little more slowly.
  • Distance yourself from other vehicles: While many vehicles tend to stay close to one another during winter traffic, it’s important to keep some distance between you and other vehicles. Braking while in a semitruck is no easy feat, especially during winter. Putting some distance between yourself and other vehicles will give you plenty of time to stop when necessary.
  • Bring the right supplies: There are a number of supplies that every truck driver should have, including bad-weather gear, hygiene products, road safety equipment and more. There are a few extra supplies you’ll want to bring when driving in winter, including kitty litter. Pouring kitty litter under your tires when it’s icy outside is an easy and environmentally-friendly way of gaining some extra traction. Some also recommend bringing a hammer and putty knife to remove ice that’s formed on a truck’s air tank.
  • Take care of any repairs: It’s never safe to hit the road without first taking care of any small repairs. Bring your vehicle to a company that specializes in large truck repairs, and have them inspect it. You don’t want that small issue turning into a big one while you’re trying to navigate icy roads.
  • Make sure all your lights are working: It’s often hard to see during winter storms. Make sure that you can see all the vehicles ahead of you by getting all your lights checked. It’s just as important that all other drivers can see you, so be sure to keep your taillights and license plate clean.
  • Avoid stopping on the shoulder of the road: If at all possible, you should try to pull over somewhere safer. Even with cones and your hazard lights on, spotting your truck during a winter storm could be extremely difficult. By finding a safer place to pull over, you could avoid causing an accident.
  • Always use good judgment: Professional truck drivers receive the right training on how to deal with bad weather. Use good judgment when driving in the winter, and you should be able to avoid most safety hazards.

         Be careful out there

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Don’t let the temptation to finish your delivery early put you in harm’s way. Follow all the winter truck driving tips mentioned above to help ensure a safe season on the road. If your truck needs repairs, be sure to come by Energy Trucking where we offer top-quality service at fair prices.