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4 Things Professional Truck Drivers Know Not to Do

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Professional truck drivers must be well versed in all the rules of the road—but nobody’s perfect, and slipups can happen when they forget regulations or some best practices they need to follow.

Even if you have the best truck driving skills, you should never do any of the following things.

Travel too fast while descending a steep slope

Driving along a road cutting through the mountains can be beautiful, but it can also be treacherous. The first mistake truck drivers must avoid is driving too fast along these roads, particularly when heading downhill. Heavy trucks rapidly pick up speed, and many of those steep inclines can last for miles on some roads. Always drive under the speed limit to avoid putting too much pressure on your brakes.

Drive too fast for the weather or road conditions

Similar to the point above, truckers need to be aware of the weather conditions and adjust their speed accordingly. Even if you think you have the best truck driving skills, nobody is better than Mother Nature. Traveling too fast when it’s raining, snowing or even in high winds can result in an accident or an overturned truck.

Text and drive

No driver should ever be on their phone when they’re behind the wheel, but this is especially true for truckers carrying thousands of pounds of cargo. Even glancing down at their phone for a second could lead to a deadly accident. Turn off text notifications while driving or turn your phone off to avoid the temptation to send a text or look at your messages.

Drive when tired

Another thing truck drivers should never do is continue driving when they’re getting tired. You might not notice it, but your reaction time and attention span get shorter when you’re tired.

Needless to say, those can lead to accidents. Even if your Electronic Logging Device (ELD) says you’re fine to continue driving for a few more hours, pull over when your body clock tells you it’s time to get some rest.

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