5 Ways To Help Your Back After Driving Long Distances

As a long-distance driver, you may notice your back hurts from trucking, especially when you are on the home stretch of the trip. If you need to help your back after driving, there are a few tips to keep in mind so that you can reduce the overall back pain and make your trips more bearable. 

1. Your Headrest and Seat Should Be Adjusted

Before starting your trip, you need to have your seat in an upright, comfortable position and keep your posture at its best. You should be able to easily reach the pedals so you are not straining. Keep your seat at a 110-degree angle so that you can sit appropriately for your back and neck. 

2. Take Your Breaks

Although you may be sitting comfortably and maintaining your posture, it is important that you take the time to stop, get out of your truck and take a walk to stretch out your back. You should be taking a break every few hours. If you pull over and are not comfortable getting out too far from the truck, use the cab to stretch out for a few minutes. Walk around your truck just to check on everything and get your blood flowing through the body. 

3. The Heat Is your Friend

If your truck has the heated seat option, you should take advantage of it on your lower back. This can be especially helpful if you start to have pain in your lower back. Heat helps relax the muscles. Use a heated seat cover if one is not already installed, and you can heat your lower back all the way up to your neck. 

4. Remember Your Knees and Feet

If you are heading straight for a long stretch, take advantage of the cruise control on your truck. This allows you to reduce the pressure on your feet and allows them to rest. Also, when you are not using cruise control, make sure to have your knees elevated just above your hips. This will also reduce pressure on your lower back and hamstrings. 

5. Get In and Out of Your Truck Properly

How you are getting into your truck and out of it can be difficult on your back. The twists and turns you probably make now are not helping the situation of a long-distance ride. If you face away from the seat when you climb into the truck and then turn into position, you will reduce less stress. Place a strap on the door to help you catch your grip when going down or climbing in.