Common Mistakes Rookie Truck Drivers Need to Know

Every professional must start as a rookie before becoming an expert in any occupation, and truck driving is no exception. In relation, it is common for rookie truck drivers to make mistakes. That’s why many new truck drivers search online for "rookie truck driver mistakes common trucking mistakes" so they can avoid these pitfalls. Below are the most common mistakes you need to know about.

1. Inadequate Preparation

One of the most common rookie truck driver mistakes is inadequate preparation when planning to hit the road. Driving on American roads is stressful because it involves dealing with other drivers, observing all traffic rules and regulations, and ensuring you reach a designated place before the set deadline. Lack of preparation for such events often makes beginner truck drivers panic, become frustrated or make mistakes on the road. Preparing adequately before hitting the road will help you deal with any challenging situation thrown your way.

2.  Overspeeding

Driving at high speed is another common mistake of rookie truck drivers across the country. In addition to being a traffic offense, overspeeding in a truck is dangerous to the driver and other motorists. An overspeeding truck can easily lose control and get into an accident. It is recommended that rookie truck drivers drive within the stipulated speed limits. It is also advisable to slow down when driving downhill or on a busy road to ensure safety.

3. Ignoring Safety Practices

Unlike other drivers, truck drivers are responsible for securing their cargo. However, many novice truck drivers ignore safety practices that are in place to prevent cargo theft or damage. Such ignorance can result in massive losses that can make a driver face serious charges in a court of law. As a general rule of thumb, drivers should always adhere to safety practices designed to protect any onboard cargo from adverse weather conditions or theft.

4. Violating Roads Signs

Violating traffic signs is also a common trucking mistake made by rookie drivers. Ignoring road signs can lead to legal actions and can result in accidents. Rookie truck drivers can avoid this mistake by observing all road signs. Moreover, rookie truck drivers need to be vigilant when driving, even when using tracking systems, because some can provide inaccurate road status information. Respecting road signs will prevent issues with law enforcement officers and increase road safety.

5. Forgetting the Trailer

New truck drivers are more likely to forget the trailer when on the road. It is a serious mistake that can result in accidents and is usually evident when making turns or braking. To avoid this mistake, rookie truck drivers need to consider the size of the truck and trailer they are driving. Rookie drivers can also have cameras installed on the trailer to help them monitor it while driving.

Bottom Line

These are the common rookie truck driver mistakes made by new, inexperienced drivers. Try as much as possible to avoid these mistakes in your first days as a truck driver. Avoiding them can help you become more confident and increase your proficiency on the road.