7 Essential Things Every Truck Driver Should Have

When it comes to emergencies, being overly prepared is better than not being prepared. This is no different for truck drivers. You’ll find yourself on all types of roads and weather conditions during the day, and it’s better safe than sorry. But what do I need in my semi truck? Well, here are seven essentials that every truck driver should have to make the journey more enjoyable and easy.

1. Permit and credentials

Nobody wants to be on the wrong side of the law, especially on a long-distance journey. To be safe as a truck driver, be sure to carry with you:

  • Proof of insurance
  • Logs
  • TWIC
  • CDL license
  • All state permits
  • Vehicle registration
  • Special certification, especially if transporting high-risk items. 

2. Toolbox

Every truck driver should own a toolbox with multi-head, light test kit, clamps, socket wrenches, vise grips, and other essential tools. With these tools, you’ll be able to fix any truck problem without unnecessary spending or wasting time.

3. Emergency kit

Every emergency kit should contain some flares and cones, a flashlight, jumper cables, duct tape, fuses, a window de-icer, a knife, a wrench, pliers, bottled water, a hat, socks, extra gloves, tarp, jumper cables, tin-snips, bottled water, and batteries.

4. First aid kit

Minor injuries or accidents may occur during the journey. It, therefore, is vital to have a fully equipped first aid kit. Bandages, disposable sterile gloves, tweezers, crepe and triangular rolled bandages, safety pins, sterilized gauze and eye dressings, and scissors will come in handy in case of any medical emergencies.

5. Hygiene basics

Bring along a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, mouthwash, combs, towel, eco-floss, toilet paper, and other personal hygiene necessities if you are in for a long ride. Yes, warm water and soap are all you need when taking a shower, but in this case, you’ll need some disinfectant gels and wet wipes for hygiene purposes. Flip-flops are a must-have to avert fungal infections and dirt, especially for shared showers.  

6. Snacks, food, and drinks

With restaurant closures and endless restrictions, having your snack, food, and drink supplies will help you eat better and minimize stops. Fruits, nuts, seeds, and small doses of dark chocolate are an excellent place to start.

7. Electronic gadgets for work and play

When on the road, a smartphone and a CB radio are all you have as a connection to the rest of the world. But this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself during the journey. An MP3/CD player, laptop, and Bluetooth headsets are gadgets every truck driver should have to make the journey enjoyable. Adding an e-reader app to your phone is an excellent idea for those who love reading. For safety purposes, bring an atlas, GPS device, and maps.

These are some of the most crucial things a truck driver needs during a trip. Your safety and comfort during the trip solely lie in the preparation before the trip. It’s, therefore, always important to write down all the basic requirements, as overlooking just one item could potentially ruin the whole trip.