Trucking Tips: 3 Ways To Stop Skidding

Driving an eighteen-wheeler can be albeit challenging and different from driving a car. At times, truck skidding, an awful experience, can happen to the truck driver. Thankfully, Energy Trucking explains how to stop skidding in trucking.

Let’s dive in!

Causes of Skidding

Some main issues that cause skidding include:

  • Turning too sharply
  • Braking too hard
  • Accelerating too fast
  • Over speeding for road conditions

Driving too fast for road conditions causes most skidding accidents. This happens when you drive on ice, rain, or snow, which causes the roads to become slickly. Dry Sand or wet leaves might cause skidding too.

Fortunately, Energy Trucking has the most competent truck drivers that can move your cargo quickly, no matter the road conditions. Here’s how to avoid skidding a big rig:   

1. Not Slamming the Brakes   

Typically, skids happen when you slam on the brakes, which is dangerous, particularly when trucking on a downhill or slippery or icy road.

Also, slamming the brakes causes the rear wheels to spin or lock up. This swings your truck sideways and causes a jackknife. Stay safe and avoid slamming your brakes as much as possible.

2. Straighten Out! 

How to stop skidding in trucking can be made possible by straightening out your trailer.   This help avoids a slide, too. Otherwise, your truck’s weight can cause the unit to slide. Once the truck skids, it can be challenging to catch up with it and correct the issue. So, try your best to avoid skidding when driving your commercial trailer for faster and safe cargo delivery.    

Preferably, straighten up your unit on a straight stretch of road. Again, don’t straighten out when you’re out of shape! Correcting the unit’s position on a curvy road can cause a slide. This leads to a repeated over-correction while trying to stay on the road and straighten out. 

3. Feathering the Brakes

You can avoid slamming your brakes by feathering them, helping you to brake timely and correctly. Feathering the brakes acts as a form of anti-lock braking.

Apply light pressure and adjust the firmness of the pressure to help stop or slow the rig with jarring motions. Avoid jolting to a stop by feathering the brakes.

How To Avoid Skidding When You’re Driving Downhill

Not surprisingly, many drivers don’t know how to avoid skidding a big rig, especially on a downhill grade. The reason is that mountain roads are windy, and most drivers constantly fail to use their brakes properly. This strains brakes because the increased friction heats them very quickly. That’s why brake feathering is more beneficial when going downhill.

Feathering lets in the air between the drum and brake, which cools down the braking system. Uncooled brakes can’t function correctly, and you risk experiencing total brake failure. ABS handles all this for you, but only when performing well. Energy Trucking recommends you keep testing your ABS to ensure it’s functioning perfectly.   

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