8 Essential Safety Tips for Long Haul Truckers

Usually, commercial trucks have longer turning and stopping distances, large blind spots, and can’t maneuver quickly and easily in a catastrophic accident. Such limitations put long-haul truckers at risk. In fact, there was a 28% increase in truck accidents in 2020 than 2009. So, you need to take the necessary steps to minimize the risks of horrible truck accidents. As a leading trucking company in Orlando, FL, we provide 8 trucking safety tips to help you ride the highways safely. 

Let’s dive in! 

1. Maintain Your Rig 

One of the big rig safety tips is to inspect it every morning. Ensure the horn is working, and the mirrors are properly positioned. Check on the fluids, too, and pay attention to your brakes. Your rig weighs a few tons, so if the brakes fail, it can cause a horrible accident. 

2. Buckle Up                

A seat belt might save your life if you’re in a crash. It’ll keep you in your seat and allow you to control your truck. A major cause of long-haul trucker fatalities involves being ejected from the truck! Truckers who don’t fasten their seat belts are 30 times more likely to be ejected from the truck during a crash. Buckling up is the most effective measure all truckers can take to reduce road injuries and save lives. 

3. Use GPS Tracking Device 

Real-time GPS ensures your safety. For example, if the truck breaks down, it’s essential to alert us on the precise location so we can assist you as soon as possible.

Knowing your exact location, we can either reroute you to the closest shop for repair or send our crew or tow the truck directly. This ability to accurately and quickly respond to breakdowns helps reduce downtime and get you back to work. Plus, you don’t have to wait long hours off the road, which might put you to risk for road collisions.

4. Avoid Hard Braking, Cornering, and Acceleration 

Hard braking, cornering, and acceleration are more common than you think. But it would help if you avoided speeding, hard cornering, braking, and excessive acceleration to stay safe on the road. Thankfully, we provide a driver coaching program to help promote good commercial driving habits to reduce the likelihood of accidents. 

5. Follow All Road Signs

Road signs are purposely erected. Speeding can cause you to lose control of your truck, especially when negotiating sudden, sharp curves, construction hazards, uneven surfaces, etc. More often, long-haul truckers over-speed if they’re late. So, pay close attention to road signs as well the local traffic rules in the areas where you’re driving. 

6. Stay Cool, Calm, and Collected 

Road rage is a potential threat to safe trucking. When long-haul truckers are honked at, cut off, or harassed by other drivers, it might be tempting to indulge in road rage behaviors such as tailgating or weaving between lanes. Please, don’t over-speed! Professional long-haul truckers should be cool-headed.

You might risk yourself if you allow anger to control you. Instead, deescalate road rage situations by increasing the safe distance between you and angry drivers. This is what a professional long-haul trucker does. 

7. Stay Alert

While trucking, look out for any problems or hazards. Keeping a keen watch on the road gives you ample time to avoid hazards or problems. Watch for road damage, objects on the road, or stopped traffic. You’ll want to be particularly keen during the night because darkness might hinder your vision. 

8. Check Weather Forecasts 

One of the OTR safety tips is to look at the forecast for the day before driving. This helps prepare you for any poor climate. No matter what kind of a hurry you’re in, don’t underestimate slick roads and foul weather. Slow down if you hit a little rain, snow, or hail. Be keen and if you experience trouble, pull over. 

Stay Safe on the Roads

Truck accidents are a constant concern for us and our truckers. It has immeasurable effects on our fleet. We have built a foundation for safety, empowering our drivers to be safety champions. At Energy Trucking in Orlando, FL, we believe a trucker’s lifestyle should always involve the practice of these driving safety tips. And we’re always looking for qualified drivers to join our team. Contact us today to join our team for a safe, well-paying, fulfilling career behind the wheel.