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When you own a business, there are a lot of little things you have to consider if you want to save time and money. Finding the right shipping solution is one of the most important parts of owning a business, especially if you ship a lot of products. At Energy Trucking, we help you figure out the best shipping solution for your needs, which includes everything from logistics to finding a good driver. Keep reading to find out more about how Energy Trucking can help your company make shipping a breeze.

Freight Shipping

Our freight shipping can work with you to find the best freight solutions for your company, which helps you save time and money. Whether you’re frequently transporting large loads, or you simply need a one-time shipment, we can help you find the best solution for your needs.

Freight Shipping

By working with a large network of reliable drivers, our brokers can make sure you get the best price every time you’re transporting freight. We negotiate to get you low prices and make sure your shipments arrive on time. We can even take care of most of the shipping process for you, which includes connecting with drivers, filling out paperwork and booking shipments.

Freight Trucking

When you have important freight that needs to arrive on time, you need freight trucker from Energy Trucking. Our large network of drivers means we can get you the lowest rates, plus we can make sure you’re choosing the best shipping solution for your products. Working with a good company means all you have to worry about is your product.


The details are what make or break a transportation solution, and we’re all about getting those details right. Logistics experts at Energy Trucking help make sure every shipment reaches its destination with no problems.

Truck With Boxes


From figuring out a cost-effective transportation method to finding the safest way to transport your freight, our logistics services can help you figure out every step of the shipping process. We’ll even take care of all the paperwork and booking, which means shipping your products has never been easier.

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A network of CDL-A drivers allows Energy Trucking to keep your cargo moving at all times. We strive to make sure every package is delivered on time, which helps improve your company’s reputation and save you time and money. We also specialize in urgent transportation, so you can count on us when you need cargo to get somewhere fast.

Trucker Mechanic


Truck problems can lead to interruptions in the process, so we have an in-house repair service to help prevent and fix those problems. We keep all of our drivers’ trucks in great condition to make sure they’re ready for the long haul, which means your freight always reaches its destination on time.


At Energy Trucking, our large network of CDL-A drivers is what allows us to provide top-notch shipping services. Excellent pay and benefits are two of the biggest reasons our drivers love working for us. If you want to join our team as a truck driver, you can learn more on our website and fill out a driver’s application to apply.


Finding a good trucking position can be difficult, but Energy Trucking makes it easy. You can lease a 2020 truck through us, plus you can enjoy our in-house repair services whenever you need them. As long as you’ve got a CDL-A license and are willing to handle long hauls, you’re a great fit for our team.

Not only does Energy Trucking offer competitive pay rates, but we also offer per-mile pay when you go beyond 5,500 miles. Plus, you can earn even more thanks to our monthly bonuses. If you’re looking for a great new truck driving opportunity in Chicago, IL, fill out a driver’s application today.

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Shipping is an important part of running a successful business, which means you need shipping experts on your side as a business owner. Lucky for you, Energy Trucking makes finding the best shipping solutions a breeze. Our freight brokers help you save time and money by pairing you up with the best shipping coordinators, plus we can optimize logistics to make things even easier for you. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help your business make shipping simple.

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Logistics and Trucking FAQs

Do you have questions about our services or applying as a driver for Energy Trucking? We’ve got the answers to some of your most common questions below.

Do you provide dedicated tracking of your shipments?
We do! Energy Trucking provides 24/7 tracking of shipments thanks to our dispatch team. No matter where your freight is, you can keep track of it.

What license do I need to drive for you?
If you want to apply as a Chicago, IL, driver for Energy Trucking, you’ll need to have a CDL-A license.

Do you offer support to your driver network?
We offer tons of great support options for our driver network. Not only can drivers lease a new truck through us, but they can also take advantage of our repair services to save time and money.

Do you handle the paperwork for my shipment?
Yes! Energy Trucking handles all the paperwork involved in shipping, from the bill of lading to shipping labels and more.