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Shipping plays a crucial role in nearly every industry in the world, and it’s more complicated than you might think. As easy as it might be to slap a stamp on an envelope and put it in the mailbox, shipping large loads of freight requires more logistics and decision-making. As a business owner, it’s important to have a relationship with a company who can help you optimize your transportation process. At Energy Trucking, we provide a wide range of freight shipping and logistics services to help you make sure everything reaches its destination right on time.

Freight Shipping

Having a freight broker on your side is a must if you run a business, especially if your business relies on shipping. A freight coordinator can help you save money on costs and ensure shipments arrive at their destination intact and on time. If you’re looking for a freight trucker in Cincinnati, OH, Energy Trucking is here to help.

Freight Shipping

When you need freight shipping to help you optimize your transport process and make sure everything safely reaches its destination, Energy Trucking can help. Our brokers can work with you to figure out the best way to deliver shipments no matter what you’re shipping. We can even work with fragile and time-sensitive shipments to figure out the best method. These services are crucial if you want to make sure every package gets where it needs to go.

Freight Trucking

Shipping a package is easy enough, but making arrangements for large loads of freight is a lot more work. Energy Trucking can help you negotiate prices and arrange shipments, so you don’t have to worry about the transportation side of things. Not only can we help save you money, but we can also help you save time that you can spend working on growing your business.


If you want to get the most bang for your buck and make shipping easy, logistics are an important aspect to focus on. Energy Trucking can help you figure out all the logistics issues your Cincinnati, OH, business may face when it comes to shipping. Whether you’re having trouble figuring out how to save on costs or deciding on the best mode of transportation, we can help.

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When it comes to saving money on shipping costs, there are a lot of little factors to consider. Our logistics team can help you figure out the most cost-effective shipping solutions for your business without sacrificing shipment safety or quality. Even if you have time-sensitive shipments, a freight shipping from Energy Trucking can help simplify the process.

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Choosing the right method is important, especially when it comes to getting your shipments to their destination on time. At Energy Trucking, we specialize in helping businesses find the best transportation method for their shipments. While part of a standard struck may provide enough space for some people, others may need a refrigerated truck or a quicker transportation method.

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Problems with trucks can cause serious hiccups in the transport process, which is why Energy Trucking works to ensure those problems are solved quickly. Our in-house repair team fixes truck problems as soon as possible to make sure all trucks stay on the road, which means you can reliably get your shipments to their destination on time.

Driving Jobs

A truck job can be a great way to increase your income or earn extra income on the side. At Energy Trucking, we’re always looking for drivers in Cincinnati, OH, and several other areas. If you’re looking for a truck-driving job, the team at Energy Trucking can get you set up with a consistent position with several benefits.

Trucking Positions

Finding a good trucking position can be difficult, but we make it easy by providing excellent employment opportunities with top-notch benefits. Not only do we offer competitive pay, but we also offer $0.90 pay per mile that increases when you run more than 5,500 miles. You can also earn monthly bonuses to increase your income further, plus we provide trucks and repair services to make the whole process simple for you. Contact us to find out more about working as a driver for Energy Trucking.

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If you run a business, you need to have a good logistics and transportation company on your side. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners don’t know who to get in touch with when it comes to shipping and logistics. At Energy Trucking, we can help you figure out the best ways to securely ship goods while saving your company money. To find out more about the services we offer or get started with a consultation today, contact Energy Trucking.

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Logistics and Trucking FAQs

If you have any questions about our logistics and transportation services or working as a driver for Energy Trucking, we’ve got the answers you need.

Do you provide dedicated tracking of your shipments?
Of course! Energy Trucking is happy to provide 24/7 tracking of shipments with the help of a team of dispatch experts. You’ll receive regular updates on the status of shipments.

What license do I need to drive for you?
In order to drive for Energy Trucking, you need to have a CDL-A license. You will be required to provide a license number when applying for the position.

Do you offer support to your driver network?
Yes. Energy Trucking proudly supports its drivers with new trucks and repair services, which means consistent shipments for businesses and schedules for drivers.

Do you handle the paperwork for my shipment?
Certainly! All the paperwork for shipments is handled by Energy Trucking, from the bill of lading to shipping labels. We work hard to make things as simple as possible for our drivers and for businesses who need simple shipping solutions.